"I called Personal Organizer Pro during an emergency. Long story short, I was going through a difficult divorce and needed to move my office from my exhusband's building to my home immediately. Gwen not only rearranged her schedule to suit my immediate needs, she worked for over 20 hours straight to help me move and organize my things during a critical time.  I have never witnessed a work ethic like hers.  She met and exceeded every expectation.  Not only did she assist me during a very difficult, dangerous, and emotional time, she did not judge my 'disheveled' disaster of an office or my rather personal situation.  Given her extensive work with children, I felt completely safe leaving my little ones with her when I had to leave my home during an emergency.  I absolutely do not know what would have happened if this delightful angel wasn't there to help!"  -  Carol (Charlottesville mother of 3)

"Gwen's organizational skills are top notch. She is also an expert clothes folder who understands the importance of taking care of designer clothes and shoes. I greatly appreciated her organic Lavender Water for my sheets and certain clothing items. I can't recommend her enough."  -  Francesca (Richmond Native) 

"Gwen Cassady is an excellent concierge. I've had many concierges in my life, and she provides an exceptional service. She knows how to organize everything perfectly."  -  Katherine (A member of a Royal Family with a residence in Washington DC)

"Gwen really took the time to explain her process during our free consultation. We hired her on the spot, and it was one of the best decisions we made when selling our home in Charlottesville. After she helped us get ready to sell our home, we hired her to help us pack our belongings. She was a Godsend in helping us as unpacking in our new home was a breeze."  -  The Thomas Family (Charlottesville Residence)

"Ms. Cassady provided the best Christmas present our family has ever received.  We arranged for her services for after the New Year.  When she called to fill a last minute cancellation two days before Christmas, my husband jumped at the chance to surprise me as my Christmas Eve gift!  As a busy, working mother of 4 children ranging in age from 2 to 12 coupled with the busy holiday season, my home was a complete disaster!  Ms. Cassady arrived on Christmas Eve to help me prepare my home for my impending inlaw holiday visit. Without her assistance I would have never been able to have a clean and organized home. She even stayed past midnight on Christmas Eve to help assemble and wrap my children's Christmas presents from Santa! I do not know what I would have done without her help!  Ms. Cassady, you are a blessing beyond words! We can't wait to see you again after the New Year!"  -  Anna (Richmond mother of 4)

"Ms. Cassady did an exceptional job of organizing and cataloguing my library so I could quickly and efficiently find anything I need from my books to my important documents. I highly recommend her services."  -  Robert (Great Falls, VA Businessman)